Sitting, Standing, Crouching, and shooting through brush…

A great Blog Post from Professional Predator about the versatility of shooting from different positions


I practice every possible way I can. Shooting from your butt with your back against a tree is a whole lot different when your standing and have a whole lot of Limb clearance. Shooting in different or uncomfortable positions is going to help program your mind to make the needed corrections for when the time is right.  I also dont fling a thousand arrows from these positions either. Perfect Practice makes Perfect not sloppy so when shooting make sure your form is as true as can be when shooting these shots. Since I shoot Traditional Archery canting my bow can mean the difference where my arrow is going to land I need to make sure I can program my mind to correct the shot and bring the arrow where it belongs. At my local archery club I set up my blind, tree stand, turkey seat, and stool to be sure…

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