PSE’s Michael Braden Tells Why Archery Coaching is Important

There is so much information in the article posted by PSE Archery that I don’t even know where to start. Topics include, “Overcoming Target Panic”, “Shooting Form & Style in the Field”, “How to Shoot from a Ground Blind”, “How to Choose Bow Weight” and more.

PSE Archery Blog

Editor’s Note: Michael Braden of Houston, Texas, has won both ASA 3-D tournaments and IBO tournaments. He’s won seven national championship titles and four Male Shooter-of-the-Year titles. In 2004, he won the first and the second legs of the IBO Triple Crown, and he claimed the title of IBO National Triple Crown Champion and IBO National Triple Crown Team Champion in the same year. He’s won the NFFA Male Shooter of the Year, the ASA Rookie of the Year and many state and local tournaments. He bought his first bow at a pawn shop in 1989, shot his first archery tournament in 1991 and became a professional staffer with PSE in 1996. As well as being a tournament archery shooter, Braden’s an archery coach.

PSE’s Michael Braden on How to Overcome Target Panic

Question: Michael, how long have you been a coach?

I started coaching in the mid-1990s. I was…

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