Immediately Increase Your Accuracy and Consistancy While Target Shooting

Here is a great blog post from PSE Archery. I had to share this one because it is so relevant to the education of your shot. This article is a must read for competition shooters of all kinds. Thank you PSE Archery for the Blog Post and the education.

PSE Archery Blog

by Bert Seelman

How to Immediately Increase Accuracy with Repeatability!

Getting better accuracy in archery requires better implementation of certain basic skills. Being proficient at those skills requires certain physical abilities. For instance, the right strength in the right areas are essential. Strength and its proper use is something too often not adequately considered in many sports.

I met and have had the pleasure of working with Pete and Jon Shepley, owners of Precision Shooting Equipment, for over 30 years. They had employed me to help them with better conditioning for intense hunting conditions and health improvements. During this time I was also fortunate to be able to work with a lot of their Pro-staff, friends and other archers. One of the most standout observations I made was archers now and throughout history usually are and needed to be in good physical condition.

One of the first things I started…

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