DIY Bow String Silencer

Rasher Quivers Presents

“How to Make a Fluff String Silencer”

In this video we will demonstrate how to make a bow string silencer using a plastic hanger and some yarn.

Equipment Needed:Fluff String Silencer

  • Hanger with Strap Hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Tool
  • File/Sandpaper

Making Your Jig:

1) Mark your hanger with the sharpie where you will be making the cuts.

  • Make a mark at the end of the strap hook on the top limb of the hanger.
  • Make another mark directly below your first mark on the bottom limb of the hanger.

2) Use your choice of cutting tool to make the cuts on the lines that you just made on the hanger.

3) Use your choice of cutting tool to make the cuts on the lines that you just made on the hanger.

4) Deburr your cuts with a file or sandpaper

5) Measure the gap between the two arms of your hanger.

  • Using a piece of the yarn and the ruler, squeeze the arms together until you get the distance you want.
  • For this demonstrations we will be using a 2 inch gap.
  • Tie the yarn in a knot to retain the distance in the gap.

Making the Silencer:

1) Wrap your yarn around the jig 18 to 30 times depending on how fluffy you want it.

2) Cut off the excess string

3) With a separate piece of yarn, tie a square knot around the yarn that you just lopped around the jig.

4) Remove the yarn from the jig.

Attaching the Silencer

1) To attach the silencer to the bow string you should remove the bow string from the bow.

2) Measure 3 to 5 inches from the string loop on the bow string.

3) Separate the strands of the bow string at that point so that you have two equal parts of the bow string.

4) Insert your silencer into the separation that you just made.

5) Add a couple twists in your bow string to lock in your silencer.

6) Using the scissors, cut open the loops of your silencer.

7) Trim any long strands that you may have.

8) Put your bow string back on your bow.

9) Your sting silencer will automatically fluff our as you shoot your bow.


Now you know how to make a Fluff string silencer and attach it to your bow string. Have fun and practice hard. Don’t forget to visit us at

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