DIY Archery Bowstring Keeper

Rasher Quivers Presents

How to Make a Bow String Keeper


In this video tutorial we will demonstrate how to make and use a bowstring keeper.

Equipment Needed:

  • Strip of Leather 4″ X 1″
  • Dime
  • Exacto Knife
  • Shoe Lace, Paracord, or Leather Lace

What Is A Bowstring Keeper?

A Bowstring Keeper holds your upper bowstring and string loop up-tight on an unstrung bow so that the lower string loop does not fall out of the nock when your bow is unstrung. This helps prevent the loss of your string during storage and transport.  it also helps maintain your bowstring twist while your bow is unstrung and therefor maintains your brace-height.

Making the Bowstring Keeper

  • To start, you will need a strip of leather.  4 inches by 1 inch.
  • You can round off the edges if desired.
  • Place the dime at the top of your leather approximately a half-an-inch down from the tip of one side.
  • Trace the dime to the back of your leather.
  • Use your Exacto knife to cut out the dime sized circle that you just traced.

Note: Some bows may require a bigger hole, but it is easier to make the hole bigger than it is to make it smaller.

  • Next, cut two small slits at the bottom of the leather just big enough to fit your strap. Cut these slits about one-inch from the bottom of the leather.
  • Push your strap through the back of one slit and then through the from of the opposite slit so that the two long ends of the strap lay at the back of the leather.

Note: For your strap, you can use a leather cord, a shoe lace, or paracord.

  • Your Bow string holder is now complete

How to Use a Bow String Keeper

Unstring your bow leaving the bottom string loop in the notch and the top string loop on the bow, but under the notch.

Put the hole of your Bow String Keeper over the top of your upper limb

Next, tie the strap of the Bow String Keeper under the top string loop of your bow string as demonstrated in the video above.  Draw it tight enough to keep the bottom string loop in the notches of the nock.

Next, tie your Keeper strap over the bow string as demonstrated in the video above.

Your bow is now prepared for transport or storage.


In this video tutorial we will demonstrated how to make and use a bowstring keeper. We also explained why a Bow String Keeper is important for maintaining your string twist.  Have fun and shoot strait.



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