Archery Training – Developing Your Anchor Point

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Developing Your Anchor Point

Gabriel Anchor Point


In this video we will discuss how to develop an anchor point to add consistency to your arrow flight.

These Drills & Exercises should be practiced in a safe environment in accordance with your state and federal laws and regulations.

If you are under the age of 18, adult supervision is recommended. If you have any medical conditions please consult your doctor before attempting any of these drills or exercises.

What is an Anchor Point?

An Anchor Point is a position normally located on your face in which you will draw your bow string to in preparation for the release of your arrow.  The more points of contact you incorporate with your anchor point, the more consistent it will be.  An inconsistent anchor point will vary the speed of your arrow’s flight with each shot displaying a vertical variant in your arrow grouping on your target.

Popular Anchor Points

There are several popular anchor positions.  Each position has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

Cheek Anchor – Anchoring to your cheekbone is a very popular anchor point that provides a great line of sight down the shaft of the arrow.  There are two disadvantages to anchoring at your cheekbone.

  • The first is that it limits the amount of contact points needed for a consistent anchor.
  • The second being that the cheekbone’s soft tissue has the potential to move challenging the consistency of the anchor point.

Lip Anchor – Anchoring to the corner of your lip is another popular anchor point.  It allows for multiple facial contact points to include your hand to your mandible and your nose to the string.  This anchor still allows the archer to aim down the shaft of the arrow and it can be quickly established as may be needed in certain hunting situations.  There are two disadvantages to using your lip as an anchor point.

  • The first is that by anchoring to the lip, the archer has the potential to pluck the bow string which causes erratic arrow flight.
  • The other is that ,once again, the soft tissue moves creating an inconsistent anchor.  this can be easily remedied by anchoring to a tooth rather than the soft skin of your lip.

Jaw Line Anchor – Most Olympic Archers anchor under their chin which allows for optimal contact points to include the bow string to your nose and the corner of your lip.  It also includes a hand on a spot on your jaw line. Many archer’s who utilize this type of anchor point also use a kisser button.  The disadvantage to this type of anchor is the time it takes to get into position.  This makes this particular anchor point undesirable for most hunting situations.


In this video we have discussed the purpose of an anchor point, several popular anchor points and their advantages and disadvantages.  Have fun and shoot strait.

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