DIY .38 Blunt Arrow Tips

A very cool article from Field and Flood about making a blunt tipped arrow head from a .38 shell. I love making things on my own. This is one project that I am going to have to try.

Field and Flood

Tipping an arrow with a spent .38 cartridge is an old trick. It’s a cheap way to blunt your arrows for hunting small game. Some even put nails through the cartridge after it’s glued to the arrow to keep the arrow from burrowing when stump shooting.

Tools needed for tipping a blunt arrow with a .38 cartridge. Tools needed for tipping an arrow with a .38 cartridge: arrow shaft, lighter, hot glue, the cartridge, some pliers, and a cold one in your favorite koozie.

Not long ago I broke a judo off my stumping arrow and was lucky enough to capture it in slow-motion:

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Tuning cheat sheet

We all have those little tools that we carry with us whenever we grab our archery gear and start shooting. This little Arrow Tuning Cheat Sheet would definitely be a huge asset to add to our arsenal. Another great blog from Charles’ Archery Blog!

Charles' Archery Blog

Do you have a hard time remembering tuning rules?

I do.

To help myself out I made a reference card that hangs on my quiver. It is helpful when I can’t remember if tightening the spring on my plunger moves the arrow left or right, or if bareshafts left of the fletched group indicate stiff spine or weak spine, etc.

tuning cheat sheet I am right handed so the stuff on this sheet is of course for right handed shooters. There are plenty of rules missing, I just jot the rules I can’t easily remember.

Not all the rules are on this sheet just the stuff I sometimes have to scratch my head a bit to remember.  It saves me having to stop what I’m doing, go inside and look it up. It is also helpful at the range where I don’t want to carry a reference book around or to help somebody out…

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Removing glued in points from carbon arrows

Removing Glued-In field Points from Carbon Arrows. We have all had this problem. Changing our Field tip weight or even just the style of tip we use. It’s always nice to have a clear-cut answer to the problem. Charles Archery Blog really lays it out for us in this blog post.

Charles' Archery Blog

I recently had to swap out glued in points from a set of carbon arrows. I was going from lighter points to heavier points to weaken the arrow spine. The arrows points were set in with hot melt glue, so I knew I would have to apply a heat source to the points in order to soften the glue enough to remove them. I checked the internet for options.

I found many suggestions on the web, torch, lighters, and others, but the two methods that caught my eye were offered by Dennis Lieu, archery coach at UC Berkeley, in this article. He suggests using hot water and or a hair dryer as the heat source. This appealed to me as these heat sources seemed more benign than a fire source and I didn’t want to over do it on my first time and risk ruining perfectly good arrows.

I don’t have a hair dryer so the…

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The Summoner Trilogy and The Ranger Quiver


The Ranger Quiver from Rasher Quivers has been featured on the cover of the book, “The Inquisition.”  This book is Part 2 of the the Summoner Trilogy Series by Taran Matharu.  It is a New York Times bestseller and a Publishers Weekly bestseller.

The first book in this series, “The Novice,” is also a New York Times bestseller. The third book “The Battlemage” is the epic conclusion to The Summoner Trilogy.

Follow the young hero, Fletcher, as he works his way from being a blacksmith’s apprentice to a Battlemage in this epic series of adventures.

Get the Ranger Back Quiver that Fletcher used on his adventures only at Rasher Quivers

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Organizing Leather Craft Stamping Tools



BONUS TIP:  When working at your bench, use a pill bottle to store all the leather stamps that you are using.  This keeps them from rolling all over your table and getting in the way.  It also makes it easier to find the tool that you are looking for.


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What bow is good for a beginner archer?

A new archer can never get too much input on these subjects. Multiple points of view a great way to get to where you want to be. This blog was posted by My Archery Experiences.

My Archery Experiences

Selection of bows Selection of bows

This is a question that most archery coaches are asked at some point by their students.
What bow should I should get?
Like all good answers it is both simple and at the same time complex. In simple answer terms, it should be a bow that works for you. Knowing what works for you is the difficult part. So here are a few thoughts that might help, I hope you find them useful.
Buying your first bow is such a personal decision for anyone to make,  it is very hard for me to say buy this bow over another. Each of us is different, for that reason I have to say it is up to the archer which bow they choose. But, yes there is a but, I will  try and give some advice on what to look out for and to consider when buying the bow.

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Showing off a Custom Celtic Ranger Quiver

In my first Facebook Live video I show off a Custom Celtic Ranger Back Quiver and I demonstrate the effects of a foam quiver bottom.

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